11 Must Known Interesting Things & Facts About Orthodontics – Infographic

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Smile is the first thing that gets noticed when we speak to others. An attractive and healthy smile has its own importance. Different age group of people wear orthodontic braces for right alignment of their teeth after consulting with their orthodontist. All of us must have seen people wearing braces in our lives and many of us visit an orthodontist because of some dental problem but do we all know some really interesting things and facts about orthodontics such as

Do you know the word orthodontics is derived from two Greek words and what do they mean? Who is the father of modern orthodontics and at what age kids should visit an orthodontist? The answers can be found in below infographic by Syden Orthodontics an orthodontic product supplier. The infographic can be interesting and informative for you, so just have a look and go through the infographic below. If you like it and found it informative then please do share it on social media too.


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