4 Common Causes of Back Pain

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back pain

While there are many different diseases and conditions that can cause back pain by directly impacting the back and spine, there are also causes that are more indirect. Several causes of back pain may be due to issues that are not caused by diseases and conditions of the spine.

Infections in Other Areas of the Body

Urinary tract infections and pelvic infections are the most common infections not involved with the spine that may result in back pain. Other symptoms may or may not be present and may include a fever, increased or decreased urination, difficulty or pain with urination, or painful intercourse. These types of infections can be diagnosed by a physician and may require the use of testing methods such as a urinalysis or PAP smear test. The most common and effective cure for these types of infections is through the use of antibiotics.

Large Breasts

When your core muscles aren’t strengthened, anything from an overweight stomach to large breasts can weaken your back. Increasing core strength can help reduce back pain. Be sure to work the back and abdominal muscles when working out. It is also important to use proper form when exercising. However, if large breasts are the cause of constant stress on the back, there is not much women can do to reduce their breast size without surgery. To prevent pain and injury, do not push past personal limits.


Obesity is a major issue and may play a role in increased incidence of back pain, especially in the lower back. Even a few additional pounds of body fat can affect the back, especially if the fat deposits are in the abdominal area. Excess weight in the abdomen causes the pelvis to tilt awkwardly out of position to help maintain proper balance. This pulls on the back muscles and the spine, resulting in constant back pain. Losing weight greatly reduces the strain on the back and helps to reduce back pain.

Improper Lifting Techniques

While lifting heavy objects with your legs may seem like common knowledge to most people, it is an all too common problem for someone to accidentally lift with their back. This mistake doesn’t always come out of arrogance. Often times people may find themselves picking up something at an awkward angle, or being handed off something that was heavier than they expected. Or this could occur when someone simply has to lift too often and their legs get tired. If you find that your unable to perform proper lifting techniques, invest in a back brace. It won’t even support your back, it will also teach you how to lift properly.


Those who experience back pain on a regular basis should discuss this matter with a physician to determine the cause of the problem for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. Even though back pain can be ignored until it goes away, it is better to determine the exact cause to insure the pain doesn’t come back.

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