5 Most Effective Methods To Get A Long Lasting Tanned Body

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back painTanning has become a trend today; more and more people view tanning attractive despite of the health risks it involves. Ultra-violet rays’ damages skin and thus, it is not safe to lie down in sun; but there has been many techniques introduced to get the same effect. As dermatologists say, these techniques are not safe too, and there are still health risk involve. Women are especially interested in getting a tan skin because they consider, a tan skin makes one look more attractive.

Many techniques have evolved in order to replace the outdoor tanning like indoor tanning in which, a person is exposed to ultra-violet rays while in tanning bed or booth. This is considered a hazardous activity because the UV rays can cause skin cancer and melanoma, which is consider the deadliest skin disease. But even after several warnings, people tend to get a sun tan and are enjoying it. Natural tan and indoor tan, both are not good for skin; these rays are responsible for skin ageing, wrinkles and forming of free radicals.

There are number of techniques one can opt for getting tan. However avoid making mistakes and take precautions before and after getting tan. Use Skin Essentials to avoid damage to the skin.

  1. Airbrushing

This technique is considered safest in all. In this technique, sprays are used by spray tanning experts. A dihydroxyacetance solution is sprayed in this technique, which is removed from sugarcane. When this solution comes in contact with one’s skin, the amino acids present in the epidermis reacts with the solution and the skin cells become darker or looks tan. They usually don’t react or irritate or cause burn in one’s skin and is safe.

People who want to use this technique should exfoliate their skin thoroughly before getting a tan and also advised not to wear makeup or deodorant. The recipient should wait for at least 8 hours or next day to take bath; it will help the skin to get darker. The tan can last for almost a week or more depending on the person.

  1. Bronzers

These products are used to get tan only for a short period of time. One can apply bronzers and can wash it the next day. They come in the forms of sprays, gels, powders and stick. Spray bronzer comes in various colors to complement the person’s skin. The spray bronzer can be directly sprayed by the person; bronzer powders can be directly applied with the help of an applicator on the person’s skin. Bronzing gels are hard to apply because of their thickness, which makes them hard to apply even. Bronzer sticks are like deodorant sticks which are easy to apply and makes the skin darker, once the person applies it. They can also be used with sunless tanning products for best effects.

  1. Tanning beds, booths and Tanning mists

These are convenient and easy to use. For tanning beds, special lamps are used, which produce UV-A and UV-B rays and help avoiding UV-C rays. These rays are responsible to make a person’s skin look tan and avoid the absorption of harmful rays. Booths work in same way, but the person has to stand instead. Persons who are indulging in these techniques should not overdo the sessions. The sessions should be done once every 24-48 hours and should not last for more than 20 minutes. These can prove harmful too.

Tanning mists are more like tanning sprays but they are not for heavy use; they are used for touch ups after the application of other tanning techniques like spraying.

  1. Sunless tanning lotions

They work the same way as airbrushing technique; the person can apply the lotion in desired amount and at desired location. The lotion takes 3 hours to change the color of the skin and it should not be washed away soon. It takes time to settle and can be effective for a week till the tanning skin is shed. The person should keep the skin makeup free and clean their skin thoroughly.

  1. Tanning pills

Tanning pills are another way, which can be used to tan the skin. The pills contain a chemical named canthaxanthin which works from inside; the chemical is found in plants and animals and change the color to orange or brown. People should be careful if they are using these types of pills because the drugs association has not approved the use of such chemicals. This can hurt the skin in other ways which can prove very harmful. They have to take pills for two weeks to see the results and the prescription should be taken from a doctor if any side effect develops.


People have different skins and the tanning techniques show results different for everyone. Before indulging in such activities, know what you skin type is and consult a dermatologist for it. There are companies like Beesline who have introduced a range of Skin Care Products , and one of them is sun essentials which are effective products for removing tan. Getting a tan is good, but the technique used should not be harmful to one’s skin.

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