5 Things A Medical Tourism Patient Should Avoid

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Medical tourism is considered as a growing trend these days since the idea of getting medical treatment along with basking in the beautiful locales of foreign destinations at the same time can be quite exhilarating. This has started to capture the fancy of people worldwide with India, Mexico and Malaysia being amongst the most preferred destinations. The medical tourism offers the cost effective treatments that may not be available at their home country along with the opportunity to explore a new place and culture. However this blissful experience can turn sour if the patient doesn’t make a well informed decision.

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Below are listed some major follies that should be avoided as a medical tourism patient so as to have a pleasant and purposeful trip:

  1. Choosing Non-Accredited Hospitals
    A non-accredited hospital has little reason to show its patients any transparency, even the insurance companies refuses to cover the cost of treatment.
    It is quite essential to ensure that the chosen hospital is accredited which means approved by an official review board after the hospital has met all the standards set for the medical tourism. An accredited hospital has to abide by the internationally accepted rules and regulations of the medical code and professional ethics. Choosing an accredited hospital ensures that the patient safeguards their right to quality healthcare and globally recognized medical procedures.
  2. Making Decisions Purely Based On Costs
    When deciding for treatment, attributing the cost as highest priority can be a grave error. This is because more often than not, in the effort to save money, patient can end up compromising on the quality of healthcare to a critical extent. According to MTA Medical Tourism Patient Survey, it was found that nearly 80% of the demand for medical travel is driven by cost savings which is acceptable provided that the patient still has health and satisfaction as prime concerns. Hence while budgeting the medical trip and expenses is significant but it should never be at the cost of quality care.
  3. Not Taking A Second Opinion
    It is always advisable to get a second opinion before you proceed to travel abroad for any kind of medical treatment or surgery. A second consultation is doubly weighted in case of medical tourism since this makes the patient aware of all the options which are available to them. More often than not a second opinion is also needed by many insurance companies in order to provide the monetary coverage.
    Not taking a second opinion may lead to the patient having an incomplete knowledge of his/her need for treatment that will indirectly lead to poor decisions.
  4. Being Uninformed About The Procedure
    This is one of the most common reasons why patients are left unsatisfied with the end result of their medical treatment. Being ill-informed about the details of the procedure, recovery time and its side effects may leave the patient with unsettled expectations. The patient should gather maximum information about the treatment as to be mentally as well as physically prepared for every situation.
  5. Going Without A Travel Companion
    Medical tourism trips to India can be strenuous enough without having to deal with booking your appointments, buying medicines, making payments, etc. all by yourself. Hence it is always better to have a spouse, parent or friend, travel and stay with the patient throughout the treatment. This will not only help you with the nuisances of the procedure but also provide you with the emotional support and needs.


It is quite significant that you should read the hospital contracts including the fine print to its entirety. This is to ensure that the patient is fully aware of the terms and conditions of his/her stay at the hospitals which also includes the payment options. Hence the patient should always read through every line and clause so that he/she knows what exactly they are signing up for.

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5 Things A Medical Tourism Patient Should Avoid
Medical tourism is considered as a growing trend these days since the idea of getting medical treatment along with basking in the beautiful locales of foreign destinations at the same time can be quite exhilarating.

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