9 Foods Your Teeth Will Thank You for Eating

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It’s true what they say, you are what you eat and nowhere is that more true than your teeth! The difference between a painful trip to the dentist and a healthy smile may very well lie in your diet.

All too often, these sort of blogs tell you what not to eat — sugar, carbonated drinks, alcohol, ice, citrus and dried fruit come under regular scrutiny — but they almost always neglect to tell you about what you should be eating.

We think that’s a shame as there’s loads of foods out there that can help stave off cavities, freshen your breath and whiten your teeth.

Most of them even taste pretty good too, so break out your shopping list and let’s take a quick tour through teeth-friendly foods.


I’ve got some brilliant news for anyone out there who loves a cheese platter, eating cheese is great for the health of your teeth.

A study in General Dentistry showed that eating cheese helps increase the pH level in your mouth and lower the risk of tooth decay. So break out the gouda and get to work.


Packed with antioxidants and vitamin C, capable of naturally exfoliating your mouth with malic acid and great at removing tartar, the strawberry is the king of berries when it comes to oral health.

Leafy GreensLeafy Greens

Leafy greens are the poster child for promoting a healthy anything. Full of vitamins and minerals — while being low in calories at the same time — foods like spinach, kale, lettuce and cabbage are great for your teeth as well as your figure.


Considering that the average apple contains about 23g of sugar (around two-thirds of a can of Coca-Cola), it makes a strange addition to a list of foods that are good for your teeth.

However, apples are packed full of fibre and water and eating one promotes saliva production in your mouth. All of that combines to produce a cleaner and healthier mouth. The fibrous texture of an apple also helps massage and stimulate your gums around, which is good for their health too.


Chock full of full of calcium and protein, yoghurt is one of the best foods for strong and healthy teeth. It’s good for your gums too as it includes lots of good bacteria. If you do add more yoghurt to your diet, remember to pick up a brand with no added sugar.


Carrots are not only great for your night vision (or so they say), they’re also great for oral health. Munching on a few carrot batons at the end of a meal helps boost saliva production, which washes any remaining food out your mouth.


This is one of the least known tooth-friendly foods but also one of the best! Almonds are a brilliant source of calcium and protein, while being super low in sugar at the same time. Another great thing is quite how versatile they are as you can eat them on their own or throw them on top of pretty much anything as a garnish.


Short of use in stock, there’s not a lot of culinary love for the humble stick of celery. And while it might not set the world alight with its bland, watery taste, it’s actually pretty great for your oral hygiene.

The stringy strands that run top to bottom work like a toothbrush, helping scrape excess food off your teeth. Celery is also a great source of vitamins A and C, which both boost the health of your gums.


Okay, this tip isn’t going to revolutionise your diet. However, drinking water is so unbelievably important to oral health that it really needs repeating.

Drinking water helps wash away food, it keep your mouth clean and it keeps your mouth hydrated, all things that promote healthier teeth. So go refill that glass and get drinking.

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