Arthritis and Sex: Learn the facts this Christmas!

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Arthritis and sex

Both arthritis and sex can coexist provided the partners have open and honest communication about their feelings, challenges and desires. You need to define the intimacy with the help of creative touch in case the condition of arthritis comes in between your sexual activities and the various positions you take for the same. As per reports, people beyond the age of 40 are seen experiencing the issue of arthritis and similar conditions, which is coming in the midst of their physical desires like sex between the partners. Well, it’s the attitude that makes the difference, now, let’s have a look at the subject and the way these are interconnected to each other this Christmas.

Impact of Arthritis on Sexual Expression

There are several aspects of arthritis that can create problems for your sexual activities. These include the huge amount of fatigue, higher intensity of pain in the joints, lower physical limitations, and contribution of movement, discomfort while bearing the weight, medication and surgery side effects. As per research studies, the higher the symptoms in this condition, the more is the disability and depression found among the couple in terms of sexuality irrespective of their gender. In fact people suffering from this ailment are seen with decreased amount of sexual attractiveness, low sexual satisfaction and desire, less sexual arousal and many more similar things, which have a great impact on their sexual life.

Sexual Expression

Overcoming the Hurdles for your Sexual life

Sex is not all about reaching the orgasm of your partner in no time. Even applying the slower and gradual approach can help in satisfying your partner who is seen sharing mutual respect, love, trust and care. By exploring different ways of returning your pleasure can really help in building up the intimacy and excitement. Start overcoming the hurdles due to arthritis slowly and steadily provided you can manage them easily for your partner. Though the ailment of arthritis usually has a very rare kind of impact on sexual orgasms, the physical effects due to this disease can give some emotional turmoil in your sexual relationship. However, with changes in appearance, weight loss or decrease in energy or mobility can hamper the self image and self esteem of the person suffering from the same.

Anyone with arthritis could have less desire for sex or may be fragile enough to tread this path. This is only due to the fear of pain, one can get while having sex, which can hamper the pleasure they feel while treading this path. Better address the emotional side effects honestly and openly with your partner. Now, start expressing your fears with positive statements. This will help your partner gain good support from you along with reducing the fear one can feel while having sex with this ailment. Simultaneously, you are also getting treatment for this condition, which will reduce the symptoms to a great extent making smoother ways for your sexual pleasure.

The Advantage of Sex over Arthritis

The Advantage of Sex over Arthritis

Believe it or not but sex has several benefits for arthritis patients. As per reports, getting indulged into sexual activities involving your orgasm can help in reducing the pain due to this ailment.  So rather keeping in mind the pain you have if you focus on the pleasure you get with sex it can help in reducing the pain. This is because our orgasm release good amount of pleasure hormone found in our body, which gives you less pain. The other endorphins that are released during the sex can help in reducing the pain to a great extent. So, if you are avoiding your pain for having arthritis you are certainly missing the benefits of reducing the pain after having sex.

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