Best Sex positions for Slipped Disc Sufferers

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As per the findings of a national survey on sexual satisfaction and back pain called SpineUniverse, the pain at the back often ruins the sexual lives of a number of people. Though the statistical results of this survey is really important in terms or research and study, however, it is mandatory to understand that behind these numbers you have real people suffering from the back pain. The people who are known to care about sexual satisfaction especially about their partners are often seen getting frustrated a lot and fall under deep depression as well on the wake of the impact of the back pain due to issues like slip discs on their sex lives. However, at such junctures instead of indulging into depression, it is wise enough to tread the path of finding smart ways to doing sex. In other words, why not explore certain best sex positions when you have issues like slip discs and cope up with the pain along with

Make Viable Changes

You may find a number of hypothetical discussions on finding the right ways of treading sexual life, however, here you can find all the fine details of what to do and what not to do in order to find the best pleasure while doing the sexual act. Let’s start with the first step.

Position Matters

sexual positions

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Though you may not find this to be the sexiest thing to consider, however, when you have ailments like slip disc you need to give a second thought on this. With slip disc issues, one can experience pain while having sex, hence it is important to try only those positions, which do not give much pain and you continue getting the real enjoyment for the same.  For instance, if you are seen with back pain due to slip disc, it can get worse when your back goes down during the sexual act. You would find your pain getting wilder while you bend forward during the sexual act. Hence the idea here is to identify the sexual positions that come along naturally and reduce your back pain due to slip disc and you can then adapt your exact position while having sex in order to make your sex experience less painful in your condition.  People with slip disc problems can find back pain the hurdles during sex seen over their back, which can be reduced using proper positions and pillows and cushions around.


Starting things right

You would want to start your lovemaking activity with a proper massage or by simply placing ice cubes over the painful areas. With the help of a warm shower, you can even get some amount of relief as we know hot water helps in relaxing the muscles. The following are some sexual positions, which can help in enjoying a pain free experience:

For Males

You can lie down over any firm surface and then use pillows to get the support over your knees and head. You can even think of placing certain small size towel over your lower back along with trying the lovemaking things in a side by side position. Also, placing pillow under the lower back area of your partner can help in straddling you on the top. Lastly, sitting over any sturdy chair rather than lying down can also work for your lovemaking activities.

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For Females

You can think of starting with missionary position having legs that are bent down towards the chest. Also, sitting over any chair’s edge asking your partner in a kneel down position between your legs for the entry can help you a lot. The rear entry could also be a comfortable choice for women having back slick issues. Now, you can try it kneeling over the bed or lying on the belly with the help of pillow under her chest area too can work the best. Sit down over the lap of your partner while you face away from him as he or she sits over any chair. Lastly, you can think of sitting on the lap of your partner facing away from him or her position over a chair.

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