Chocolate – Benefits, Facts & Figures

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Chocolate craze doesn’t seem to dwindle. And there is no reason to it, given the fact Chocolate offers massive socio-economic benefits.

The chocolate industry contributes nearly $50 billion to the global economy every year. European continent alone accounts for almost half of the sale and consumption worldwide.

In the recent years, Asian and developing economies too have shown a progressive tend with regards to its sales. A good 20% rise has been noticed.

Chocolate history dates back to 1900 BC when it was originally used in drinks. It has come a long way since then.

Today, people of all ages like Chocolate. Be it as an ingredient used for preparing dishes or in its raw form, chocolate is used in various forms. The health advantages of Chocolate are not hidden either.

Take a look at this wonderful infographic on Chocolate. It highlights some of the interesting facts on Chocolate along with its health benefits-


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