Common Causes of Cramps Before Period

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Have you ever experienced the pain of cramps before period? It must be not comfortable. There are many causes of this tiring symptom. To find it out, read the following article.

Cramps before period is just a sign of the return of menstruation. This symptom can make female mild to severe abdominal pains. It can occur 1-3 days before period in some women. Meanwhile, others can deal with cramping a week earlier. Although the pain will disappear after a few days, cramps before period are totally uncomfortable.

However, cramps before period are not related to menses at all times. In some cases, they can indicate that the implantation has happened. When the egg and sperm fertilize, it will cause mild cramping before menstruation.

Most importantly, if your camps go with vaginal bleeding, there can be a noticeable sign of serious diseases such as pelvic inflammatory, growths (benign and cancerous) on the reproductive organs or endometriosis.

Let’s look in depth at some common causes of cramps before period.

  1. Pre-menstrual cramps 1 or 2 days before period

Some women say that, experiencing cramps before period is so frequent that they consider them as parts of their menstrual cycle.

According to many studies, it is indicated that cramps before menstruation are caused by dysmenorrhea. Women can feel the mild or severe pain at abdominal area in a few days before the “red lights” properly starts. Usually, after maximally 4 days, the cramping pain will disappear. There are some symptoms you may have such as a feeling of pressure in the abdomen, extreme tiredness or diarrhea.

  1. Implantation cramps before period

One of the most common causes of cramps before period is the process of implantation. After the egg and the perm fertilized, the fertilized egg would be on its way to attach to the uterus. It means that you have become pregnant.

Then, you can feel the mild cramps which occurs rather close to your period. So, some women will misunderstand that the cramping just happen as normal. To help you know more about your pregnancy, there are other signs accompanying with such as increased levels of fatigue, and nausea with or without vomiting, hormonal changes or white discharge.

However, to make sure that you will have a baby, it is considered as the best choice for you to go to hospital to take a pregnancy test.

  1. Cramps before period caused by ovulation

Instead of occuring in a few days before period, cramps caused by ovulation often appear about 2 weeks before the start of the next period. What is the sign of this symptom?

Some may have sudden sharp pains in the abdominal area during the process of ovulating. In addition, few women feel the pain on both sides of their belly. Instead, they have one-sided abdominal pain which can go with light pinkish spotting or thick white ovulation discharge.

  1. Cramps before period are caused by Ovarian cysts

Most people believe that Ovarian cysts are dangerous and need eliminating. On the contrary, they are normal parts of the menstruation, and there is nothing serious because they will disappear.

However, large or ruptured ovarian cysts cause many pains to patients. This pain often start from abdominal belly and convert to the back.

You seem to suffer this pain a little time because doctors will approach to ovarian cysts by “waiting and seeing”. Then, you can take a surgery in case of the abnormal bleeding or the severe pain. Another purpose is to avoid the capability of ovarian cancer.

  1. Can Uterine fibroids cause cramps before period?

There is no doubt that the uterus cannot work as usual if it is at risk of uterine fibroids.

The pelvis is the first part of the body, which suffers the dull aching pain of fibroids. Then, the more the period comes close to, the more painful this lower abdominal area has to be. And the cramps before period are unavoidable. The worst thing the body can experience is anemia.

So, it is essential for patients to go to hospital. Then, the fibroid growth can be monitored. If it seems to be larger or more severe, patients have to take a surgery to remove those.

  1. Cancer

In rare cases, cramps before period can be caused by cancer – a serious disease. If you doubt about those, you should get a checkup immediately. It becomes more necessary if you are experiencing chronic cramps which does not disappear with the unexplained bloat.

Above are the most common causes of cramps before period. Hope that, with useful information in this article, you can know more about this symptom which can help you get timely solutions.



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