Dental Implants: What are They & Why to Consider Implant Dentistry

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Is your smile missing a tooth? Do you often feel unconscious while smiling in a public due to a missing tooth? Are you not able to attend business meetings and occasions just because of a missing tooth? Do not worry because from a list of solutions, there is one of the best ones i.e. Dental Implants. Now you won’t have to face chewing and eating problems. You will be able to make your appearance even more appealing than before.

It is a permanent solution alike dentures which are removable and sometimes, uncomfortable. Let’s talk about what dental implants are!

Dental Implants: What are they?

Whenever you suffer from a tooth loss, one of the best and sturdy procedure is dental implants. They are metal frames, also called posts, which are screwed into the jawbone underneath your gums. They are positioned in such a way that you do not feel anything. After that, a replacement tooth is mounted over the post of the same color like natural teeth.

Usually, dental implants are broken into 3 parts: post, abutment and restoration. The post normally looks like a screw which is integrated into the jawbone like a natural teeth root. It is made up of titanium which lets it stay at its place for long. Once placed, the abutment is placed over the post and then a restoration or a crown is placed on the abutment.

Can we consider Dental Implants?

If you want your smile to be just like before, opt for dental implants. Some of the benefits of dental implants are:

  • Reserve Your Jawbone

If you opt for fixed bridges, your jawline eventually deteriorates beneath the missing tooth. In another case, dentures are not implant-supported due to which your jawline does not stay healthy. The longer you wait for implantation, the more is the deterioration in your jawline, thus resulting in no power left to get dental implants without bone grafting. Dental implants preserve your jawbone and keep it healthy.

  • Preserve Your Smile & Appearance

Due to a missing tooth, when your jawbone starts to deteriorate, it often causes your cheeks or face to sunken. You can look a lot older than you usually are which will not be good for your reputation and appearance. Unlike dentures, dental implants don’t let you look older as the posts provide stimulation to your face. Due to this, a healthy jawbone material is produced which leads towards youthful look.

  • All Teeth Stays at Their Place

In the case of losing a tooth, surrounding teeth tend to fill in space and starts moving into the empty space. This causes crowded teeth or unevenly spaced teeth which are a lot difficult to brush or clean. It can also lead to numerous dental complications and can cost you a fortune in orthodontic care. So, do not think and get a dental implant sooner!

Dental implants are comfortable, good-looking, non-problematic and not costly. Above listed reasons tell that dental implants can be your smile savers. Visit Top Dentist Forest Ave Queens and get a tooth in place of a missing one!


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