Doe Deere – Founder And Owner Of Popular Makeup Company Called Lime Crime

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Doe-Deere-Lime-CrimeJust in time for the Holidays, Doe Deere has worked to create illuminating eye shadows and stunning hair color. Deere serves as the owner and founder of Lime Crime, a cosmetic company that produces quality makeup products catered towards women. Doe wants women to feel like they are magical unicorns because they are beautiful and unique. Her business is focused on making women feel beautiful and give them confidence. Lime Crime features an elaborate collection of makeup products that are sold as a fairy collection. In October of 2017, Lime Crime announced their newest launch called Unicorn Queen Collection.

The Unicorn Queen Collection has taken Doe Deere and Lime Crime products to an all new level of makeup and hair products. Lime Crime and its collections have become very popular to many who want to channel their inner unicorn. They continue to purchase quality products on a continued basis and provide support for the eye popping, stunning products that she creates. Many pictures are shared on Instagram and other social platforms to show the enhancements and bright colored products offered through Lime Crime. They also carry a line of lip gloss shades with their newest product called Diamond Crusher. They are created with the perfect amount of glitter that adds a subtle, yet defining image to lips. Lime Crime creates high pigment shades that are rich in color with a burst of shine. You will find many of their shades sold separately or bundled together for a discounted price.

Their most recent collection that hasn’t been released yet is their semi-permanent hair color line. Lime Crime’s Unicorn hair products are produced to add a unique and vibrant look to each strand of hair. The color is made with vegan ingredients that won’t harm or damage your hair. Their refreshing hair dye leaves a Meadow scent after coloring and includes harsh free chemicals that won’t dry your hair out. At the time, they have a few different colors to choose from. The color is semi-permanent so the color will eventually fade, which allows you to try all of their beautiful colors and continue experimenting for the perfect look. All of their products are made to complement each other. From their hair color, lip glosses and eye shadows, they are certain you will find a look that is enticing while enhancing your natural beautiful features. All products are certified Vegan and Cruelty Free by PETA and Leaping Bunny.

Doe Deere set out to create top notch products surrounding her love for bright colors. She named the company Lime Crime after her favorite color, Lime. She was born in Russia where she lived until she was a teenager. She moved to New York and began to sell some of her newly designed products on eBay. This was the start and foundation of her drive to become the founder of her very own company. She wants to ensure that women have a choice in how they express their beauty, and is always thriving to entertain new ideas and products that women will fall in love with.

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