Five Ways To Re-Use Tea Bags Effectively

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Re-Use Tea Bags EffectivelyIt has been widely claimed that tea is the second most consumed beverage after water around the globe. The most common way to enjoy a cup of tea is by sinking a tea bag into it. After utilization, although most people tend to throw away the tea bag. However, there are numerous ways to re-use them and lessen the amount of waste.

  • Eliminate dark circle

Application of used tea bags reduces the intensity of dark circles. The tea bags should be stored in a cool place and applied to the eyes for five to ten minutes. It also aids in soothing tired, achy and puffy eyes, as the tannins in the tea leaves will stimulate circulation of the blood under eyes.

  • Sooth sunburns

It has been indicated by research that the black tea leaves contain tannic acid and it is consumed in combination with mint leaves to aid the skin in cooling off. Likewise, tea also assists in mitigating the pain of burns when it is applied on the surface.  Two to three tea bags must be placed on the wound and secured. The tea bags should repeatedly be replaced unless the burn heals.

  • Healthy hair

The health of hair can improve by rinsing it with green tea. It has been indicated by studies that green tea promotes hair growth and cures dandruff as well as psoriasis. Whereas, the black tea strengthens and improves the texture of hair. The common characteristic of both green and black tea is the prevention of hair loss.  Tea should be used for rinsing after the wash and conditioning of hair.

  • Deodorizing hand wash

A brewed tea bag can be used to wash hands and get rid of food odors like garlic, onion. The used tea bags can be used to scrub on the hands and then rinse off with water. In addition, giving tea baths to your feet can aid in mitigation of bad odor. Moreover, dried tea bags can also be placed in the shoes to get rid of the stinky odor.

  • Shrink warts

The presence of tannin in the tea aids in the treating plantar warts. To do so, wet and warm tea bag I pressed directly on the skin and pressed for five to ten minutes. To cure a wart entirely, there is need to repeat the process. Moreover, green tea also aids in draining a blister or abscess. It is a pain-free process. The wet teabag is placed over the affected area throughout the time. The desired results will be witnessed the morning

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