Fortis Hospital Delhi Gave Me My Body Shape Back Says Mommy Makeover Patient of Angola

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Hi my name is Nicinha, I am from Angola. Recently I had my surgery called Mommy Makeover in India. I thank the top hospital staff of Fortis Hospital Delhi who treated me so well and made me as per my whims and fancies giving me the best shape after having my baby.  Well, giving birth to a child is a daunting experience apart from being the most joyous moment of my life. My body lost the shape and I was seen bulgy with lots of weight on my body. My figure was in a bad shape, thanks to my post-pregnancy phase, which involves too much of breast feeding to the child and making things a big mess. Being a conscious and new-age mom, I wanted my original shape of my body. I wanted to become slimmer and fitter frame, which seemed an ultimate desire for me unlike a number of many women. Being a newly-turned mother, I had all the right to return to my original shape, which was only achievable with the help of the surgery called Mommy Makeover.

Nicinha, from Angola had my mommy makeover in India

Well once I consulted my doctor, she suggested to go for this surgery and recommended India to be my destination as I can easily get a cheap mommy makeover packages price option. I researched on the internet and found some good options at the Fortis Hospital Delhi giving me some cheap mommy makeover package price deals. While browsing the web, I came across a group dealing with medical tourism packages, they had some of the best and cheap mommy makeover packages price offering the surgery at top hospitals like Fortis Hospital Delhi. It instantly clicked my attention and I mailed them my requirement. The response was quick and instant, I found the group too professional. They studied my case and offered me the best surgery option called Mommy Makeover.

They offered me the most competent and cheap mommy makeover packages price deals for the surgery and that too at the top hospital called Fortis Hospital Delhi, which offered nothing but high quality healthcare services. They helped me to get the medical visa and I soon took a flight and reached India for the surgery. The company representative took me to the hotel and soon to the Fortis Hospital Delhi for meeting the doctor. The meeting was good, the doctor made me comfortable and I got rid of the nervousness that I had before the surgery. I took a sigh of relief that I got at a right place.

Soon my surgery was planned and I was on the Operation Theatre of the Fortis Hospital Delhi. I was treated the best with the doctor and medical team. The surgery was carried out with great success and I was seen fit and fine with great results I was expecting from the surgery. I didn’t believe that a cheap mommy makeover packages price deal at the Fortis Hospital Delhi can work wonder in such a way. I really thank the doctor who carried out the surgery with great care and professionalism and of course the medical team which did everything for me.

And yes above all, I should thank the medical tourism company which left no stone unturned to keep the things under control. They arranged everything for me right from the local travel, to stay, my medical tests, meals, doctor’s appointments and many more things, which I never expected of such a great quality. I highly recommend this group and of course India for the surgery. After all you get the best and cheap mommy makeover packages price deals here and that too at the top hospitals like Fortis Hospital Delhi. I highly recommend this place.

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