Gardening For Physical & Mental Health

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Enjoying what nature has to offer and getting out and about is beneficial no matter what your age. Having an interest in the great outdoors is crucial for your wellbeing, especially when you start to get older and might not have as much motivation and interest to get out and about.

Getting outside in the fresh air and doing some gardening (whether it’s in your own garden, at your personal allotment, at a communal garden or even on your balcony), can benefit both your physical and mental health, as well as a whole bunch of other benefits.

Gardening is a brilliant way of enjoying some exercise whilst making your outdoor space look great and spending some quality time either by yourself, with your family or with your local community, away from the impact which your daily digital devices can have on your lifestyle. Staying connected to nature (especially within such a booming digital world) is vital to keep your wellbeing balanced, which is why gardening is such a great tool for your health.

Whether you’ve been managing your own garden for years now or you’re a complete novice, gardening can provide a whole variety of health benefits. Not only does it provide key physical and mental benefits, you could also start to reap some financial and nutritional benefits if you start to grow your own produce on a seasonal basis.

Did you know that gardening can reduce stress levels, keep your mind sharp and create a purer atmosphere? Well there’s that and many more interesting facts outlined in the infographic below, created by UKS Mobility, which shows all the vital benefits of gardening, how you can go about getting started with gardening, as well as some precautions to remember for seniors.


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