Good Riddance to Bad Breath – Infographic

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What would you consider the biggest turn-off in a person that you just met? Would it be an unkempt appearance, or an abrupt, rude manner perhaps? For many, the biggest deal-breaker is neither of these – quite often it’s foul-smelling breath that leads to negative first impressions being made.

Halitosis, to use the medical term for bad breath, is widely regarded as of the biggest no-no’s in social situations and especially for job interviews. A study by dating website revealed that 43% of people consider the smell of one’s breath as the most important factor to get right for a date. Statistics from Reabur indicated that two out of three employers would be deterred from hiring a candidate if he/she attended for interview with bad breath, no matter how exceptional their qualifications or well-suited their attributes may be.

If you suffer from halitosis, you may not even realize it as most people would be too polite to say it straight out. If you have been made aware of it, though, it’s worth reviewing certain dietary habits to see if they are contributing towards it. Are you a daily smoker? Do you drink alcohol regularly? Do you indulge in crash dieting? Do you often neglect to brush your teeth? A yes to any of these means that you’ve identified something that requires changing.

Dervla Leavy Dental Care created this infographic which explores the possible psychological effects of halitosis and suggests actions that can be taken to fight back against this damaging condition.

57% of people with bad breath report feelings of depression

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