Healthy Nutrition for Older People – Infographic

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We all know that we should eat healthily so that we will be in good shape physically and psychologically, but it is all too easy to slip back into gorging on sweet foods, even when we realize that it is not a good idea in the long run.

For older people, healthy eating presents challenges other than mere temptation and ill-discipline. It is a lot harder for seniors to get up and go to the supermarket, something which young and middle-aged adults could take for granted. Also, an older person living alone could find it difficult to summon the energy to cook for themselves, and feelings of isolation and depression may lead to a loss of appetite.

We can play our part in helping older people to eat properly, not just by advising them of healthy diets, but also by being proactive in their path towards perfect nutrition. That means taking the time to go along with them to the supermarket and pick out the items they need, or arranging weekly family meals which can also double up as morale-boosting occasions. Investing even a basic degree of effort in helping our elders to eat healthily could well lead to a far healthier and happier older person.

Be Independent Home Care ( created this infographic outlining four key diets for elderly people and suggesting ways in which we can help them to achieve healthy nutrition.


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