How To Boost Your Brain Without Using Any Smart Drug

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A strong memory and the power of the brain, both depend on the health and functionality of the brain. A healthy brain helps to build strong memory and increases concentration level so that people can perform their task with attention. A better brain function is among the most interesting and attractive due to its functionality and its impact on educations. When it comes to the young learners, different strategies for the development of brain are essential for the students, and parents. But there are several ways to improve and boost the brain power without any smart drug. Sometimes meditation, regular exercises, eating lots of fruits and other vegetables can improve and optimise the brain capacity. So the people should take a balanced diet to get proper nutrients. Eating well by maintaining diet chart and doing regular exercises are good for mental health and reduce the mental ageing process. Let’s see some tips to boost the brain and increases memory power:




Regular exercises can improve the power of the brain and encourages the brain to perform its task at the best level of capacity by strengthening the interconnection of nerve cells and protecting them from serious damages. Regular exercises improve the concentration level and memory power. So the students who are in their learning stages must do exercises regularly to boost the brain. They should not take any supplements to increase their brain capacity. Exercise also protects the brain and its nerve cells from serious damages by producing nerve-protecting compounds, by making blood flow to the brain, and by improving the development of neurones. So exercises make the brain to work faster and efficiently.




Proper sleeping is essential for developing physical body as well as creating mental insights so that people gain an accurate and profound understanding of things. It also makes new creative solutions to the old problems. Sleep also resets the brain and builds brain power. It also enhances the memories which require brain capacity.



Vitamin D can promote the bone growth and improves the calcium levels. Vitamin D also helps in nerve growth. Researchers also show that Vitamin D reduces inflammation and protects neurones from damages. The people who have lower vitamin D also exhibit slow information processing speed. It is also associated with cognitive impairment which prevents the brain from working properly. Vitamin B6, B12, and folic acid also promote the bone growth by reducing homocysteine compound in the blood. Because homocysteine compound increases the risk of stroke, cognitive impairment and results in a healthy brain. Taking of vitamins also prevent mental decline, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease. So, Vitamins are critical for brain health.




Too much stress and anxiety can destroy the existing neurons and cause brain damages. Researchers prove that positive thinking only cures this problem by the creation of new cells and reducing stress and anxiety. When negative thoughts come to our mind, we should handle it carefully so that it can’t increase the stresses in our mind. People should think positive and must have the capability to replace the negative thoughts with a positive one. Researchers show that meditation also helps to remove stresses and anxiety from the life. Mindful meditation prevents neurodegenerative diseases like Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Sometimes yoga helps to clear the mind and makes to feel relaxed and peaceful. Yoga asanas also help to think positive and boost memory power. These asanas also sharpen the memory skills and improve the overall brain health.




Laughter is the best medicine for improving brain health. Laughter can encourage the brain function and helps to think in a broader manner. Laughter also reduces natural stress and anxiety and improves the brain power.




Many foods help to boost brain power. Some of the foods that have enough omega-3 fatty acids are helpful for the proper working of the brain. These types of foods are walnuts and salmon, broccoli, pumpkin seeds, spinach and soybeans. Omega-3 fatty acids enhance the function of neurotransmitter by improving the blood circulation. Some foods are rich in magnesium, and these are also helpful for signal transmission in the brain. So, a proper diet chart containing blueberries also improve quicker learning, better thinking and better memory power. Complex carbohydrates also give enough energy to the body and brain and also boost memory power. So, people should take wheat bread, oatmeal, cereal with high fibre, brown rice and whole beans.




Drinking enough water also improves the brain power. Our brain is about 80% water. The brain can’t function if it is dehydrated. So, everyone should take 6-8 glasses of water daily. People can take fruit juices and vegetable juices regularly. Fruits contain one type of antioxidants that can protect the brain from damage and keep it from the high-functioning level.




Learning something new also increases the brain workout that develops the function of the brain and improves the brain power. It also increases the concentration level. Learning a language can enhance the brain function and helps to create neuro-pathways. It also helps to expand the knowledge base. People also learn cooking or knitting to increase the functionality of the brain. Enjoyment is another part to maintain the brain’s health and boosting its energy.


There are many ways to boost the brain power without smart drugs. Boosting the brain power needs some fuel to enhance its functions. So, everyone should do regular exercises and eat healthy foods to enhance the brain power. People can improve their brain power by listening to music that can improve the mood and makes to feel fresh. So, the first task is to increase the brain power and then improve the memory because people with good memories seen as knowledgeable, smart, and dependent. There are other techniques to develop the ability to remember some information and then memorise it when people need it.


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