How to Whiten Teeth – Infographic

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We’ve seen supermodels on TV, on billboards and in magazines smiling back at us with teeth which are the epitome of the color white and thought to ourselves ‘Why can’t my teeth be like that?’. Maintaining an impeccable whiteness in our teeth is quite difficult, even with a healthy diet, regular flossing and daily brushing. If you’re fed up of waiting naturally for your teeth to appear their whitest, the good news is that you can avail of teeth whitening surgery.

There are two main methods to teeth whitening, one which involves lasers and the other trays. With laser-based whitening, your dentist will apply gels to your teeth, which are then whitened with the use of a laser. If you choose tray-based whitening, the gel is placed in a custom-fit mouth guard which is worn for the duration of the treatment, usually 3-4 weeks.

You might hear some detractors claiming that teeth whitening surgery is an unsafe procedure. The opposite is true. While it might lead to mild irritations on your teeth for the first day or two, it certainly couldn’t be branded as unsafe. That said, it is not suitable for anyone with gum disease, fillings, crowns or previous tooth restorations.

If teeth whitening sounds like something you’d be keen to try out, then take a look at this infographic from Irish dentistry practice Dervla Leavy Dental Care (


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