If You Don’t Care About Your Environment, Then Wish You Die Before Doomsday

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143-greenWe have been told in our childhood that environment is like a blessing for humans. The environment is considered as the hub of elements. Human and environment are interconnected to each other, each affects the others. Environment makes huge impact on our health and wellbeing, so it to keep your environment healthy.

Obviously, it is mandatory to have the safe, healthy and supportive environment for attaining good health. The environment is a vital subject that makes you breathe open under it, but experiencing conditions these days it seems like soon environment is going to burst out on human, as effects have already been started in several parts of the world. So, don’t you think, environment deserves respect from our humans.

The environment has been giving us many energies and materials that help us in sustaining lives. These energies and materials are clean air, safe drinking water, nutritious food, safe place to survive.

How does pollution occur?

It happens when our environment is not able to destroy the polluted elements without affecting itself. The polluted elements surrounded all over in the air are not given birth by the nature and the process of this destruction can vary from few days to thousand years. The reason behind pollution is the selfish nature of human beings who only think of himself, but then he unaware of the upcoming doomsday. Actually, pollution comes when nature itself is unaware of how to decompose those polluted elements that way entered in an unnatural way.

Importance of environmental health is something that every individual should think of.  Environmental health is been harmed just because of the pollution surrounded all over in the atmosphere. Everyone must take pollution seriously. As the pollution is not only hampering the environment, but it is even harming the natural gifts on earth like water and air. There is no survival without these two key things. It will lead to ending up all the animals, humans and as well as plants.

The reason behind Environmental pollution:

Industries practice: Oh, this is something serious. Well, industries have been running around the world since 19th centuries, so since 200 years, slowly and gradually our environment started to experience the polluted waste. Earlier, it was the human force to accomplish any work, later it got replaced with coal to make machine work faster. So it began with air pollution, soil, and water pollution.

Transportation practice: After animals and slaves were replaced by motor vehicle. Pollution in the environment started getting higher and higher. Transportation now days are the major reason behind smog and pollution everywhere. Many have taken harsh steps over it.  From the carriage to cars, trains then later it got followed up by planes. Pollution is the new trend these days.

Agricultural practice: You must be confused how agriculture is polluting the environment. But it played the major role in destroying water and soil. Heave dose of pesticides and other chemical have made the lands barren. In order to keep insects and animals far from farming land, they didn’t even think that nature someday will stand far.

Trading practice: When it comes to trading one this that come to your mind is packaging. Packaging is mostly done in plastics. So, pollution can even be caused by the use of plastics which are actually made of fossil fuels and also from the trading transport.

Home practices: Even your house is creating pollution every day. Here’s how humans have destroyed the environment. Later animals and plantation were removed from their places for construction. You require many such materials while building a house that is considered as a source of contamination of the environment.

What is environment going to effect?

Impact on humans: Humans are been affected physically because of his polluted environment. A bad environment can lead in making troubles to human respiratory, in terms of allergies, asthma, irritation in eyes and nasal passages. The study says that cancer has been developed due to the polluted environment. In short, the current environment is not giving you anything new, so plan to clear the previous one.

Impact on animals: Humans have been experiencing environmental loss since last 10 years, but the animals have been seeing this since many years, from the days when their forest has been cut down to for the human living. Pollution in the air leads to acid rain, and they are really making it toxic for fishes in the see. Due to the depletion of ozone layer in the environment, it can cause lungs problems to animal and skin problems to humans. Hampering the nature will also lead to changing the primary food chance of animals.

Impact on plants: Acid rains are capable of destroying animals, plants, and mainly trees and this will obviously make a huge impact on animals. UV coming directly to earth can block plants respiration and other polluted can be absorbed by water and soil.

Impact on the ecosystem: Pollution mainly is because of humans on the earth and this causes the negative effect on the ecosystem. As I told, after the depletion of ozone layer, direct UV rays are affecting the planet.

Conclusion: Aren’t you afraid that soon the entire world will be under darkness and just because of unnatural pollution. So, make a stand individually and do what possible is for you to save your planet Earth.

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