Laparoscopic Fibroid Removal – How Safe and effective is this Surgery?

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Laparoscopic Fibroid Removal Overview

Laparoscopic Fibroid Removal

The laparoscopic fibroid removal can be done as an outpatient surgery. If a woman has many fibroids and wants to preserve the fertility, then she may require undergoing an open procedure. The laparoscopic fibroid removal can be performed as an outpatient surgery.

Laparoscopic Fibroid Removal Procedure & Recovery

Before the advent of laparoscopy, the fibroid removal were performed with surgical hysterectomy. A laparoscopic fibroid removal procedure is robot assisted laparoscopic surgery. During this procedure, your surgeons uses a laparoscope for visualising the uterine cavity and excise the fibroids from the uterine wall. The benefits of undergoing this procedure is faster recovery since they are the minimally invasive procedures and significantly reduced vaginal bleeding.

Laparoscopic Fibroid Removal Procedure

How do I know if I am a good candidate for Laparoscopic Fibroid Removal Procedure?

The good candidates for the laparoscopic fibroid removal are women with a small number of fibroids.

Why Opting Laparoscopic Fibroid Removal is necessary?

Opting laparoscopic fibroid removal is necessary if the uterine fibroids are present. The uterine fibroids are benign growth of the uterus which emerges during the childbearing years. Often the fibroids may cause no symptoms and they are not likely to develop into uterine cancer. These fibroids will develop from the myometrial wall of the uterus and on examination they may appear as small rubbery mass of tissues having different pattern of growth. In some cases, some uterine fibroids shrink and they disappear on their own without requiring any surgical interventions.

Most women having the fibroids are asymptomatic and the fibroids are usually revealed accidentally during a pelvic examination or the pre-natal ultrasound. The most common sign and symptoms related to the fibroids include heavy menstrual bleeding, persistent pain during intercourse, prolonged menstrual bleeding more than seven days, spotting or bleeding between the periods, increased urinary frequency, pain or feeling of heaviness in the pelvic region, difficulty in voiding urine, constipation, pain in lower limbs, enlarged uterus or abdomen and backache.

Laparoscopic Fibroid Removal is necessary

Kidney damage and the less known risks of fibroids as it can disrupt the delicate balance of the important structures in the pelvis. These important structures help the body to function by creating an important transport system. The ureter leads from the kidney to the bladder for removing the urine from our body. Intestines help remove the food waste out of the body and the veins keep the blood circulating. Therefore it is vital for women with larger fibroids to talk to a specialist about the safest way to remove them based on the future plans for fertility. Most likely, these problems are caused by larger or smaller fibroids depending on their location. Women who are diagnosed with these problems should remove the fibroids.

You should look for the symptoms of uterine fibroids such as pelvic pain, heavy prolonged bleeding, infertility and abdominal bloating. These symptoms can be recognised easily and are the typical reasons why women seek their treatments. The minimally invasive gynaecologist specialists will perform advanced techniques that help patients to recover faster with less pain.

Laparoscopic Fibroid Removal Cost in India

Laparoscopic Fibroid Removal Cost in India

The laparoscopic fibroid removal cost in India is very low compared to that offered in the United States. The healthcare system in India offer the highest quality medical treatments, surgeries, services and care by adhering the international standards. They provide supreme quality services at the most affordable cost. The best hospitals in India have JCI accreditation’s and strictly follow the international norms of the laparoscopic fibroid removal procedures. They have world class infrastructure, excellent and dedicated surgical teams consisting of the best laparoscopic surgeons in India, the state of the art equipment, advanced technology to provide safe and effective outcome.

The laparoscopic surgeons at the hospitals located at various locations across the country are highly qualified and hold expertise in offering the laparoscopic procedures for fibroids removal in India. Planning your laparoscopic fibroid removal in India with us is a simple process. All you need to do is send us your inquiry regarding the same and we will get in touch with you asking about your medical reports and overall health. Our panel of experts comprising of the senior surgeons will study your case and offer the best possible treatment opinions for your individual case.


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