Living Alone & Poor Nutrition – Infographic

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Maintaining a healthy diet is difficult at the best of times but when you live alone, things can get out of hand pretty quickly. This infographic from Lakeshore Convention Centre gives you some advice on what to keep in mind when shopping for yourself which will hopefully be of some use on your next trip to the grocery store.

However, you also need to be realistic. There isn’t much point of buying a wide range of healthy food if you know that you’re not going to eat it. You may have read some articles that recommend healthy foods that you simply don’t like and that’s perfectly fine. It’s important to be stocked up on some key items to give you some options. A lack of options can often lead to another takeaway meal and this can become a vicious circle.

Check out the full infographic for some tips. Figure out what type of eater you are and hit the store!


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