Major Weight Loss Options : 8 Methods to Shed the Excess fat

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Weight Loss Options - Journey to fitness

If you are trying to shed the excess fat, then here are 8 major weight loss options to help you achieve  it. Obesity affects over a third of all the US adults. Being significantly overweight causes many different side effects. Stroke, tpe 2 diabetes and heart disease can all be directly related to obesity. Weight gain can also have devastating emotional consequences such as reduced self-esteem and depression. Heavy weight loss options range from diet change to the surgical techniques which help you learn the major weight loss options.

Seek the Advice of a Professional

There are numerous ways to shed pounds but when you’re extremely overweight, traditional techniques will be ineffective and sometimes it is dangerous. Make an appointment with the doctor who will do a complete physical exam to determine BMI and overall fitness to help uncover any health problems and start your weight loss journey. Your doctor may refer you to a dietician or nutritionist to help form a specific diet tailored for your body type and health level.

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Look for Like-Minded People to Discuss Your Weight

Your struggle with your weight day in and day out can be understood better when it takes a toll on your physical and emotional health. Often it is difficult to turn to friends and family for help. Fortunately, you can find various support groups with people suffering from same issue as yours.

Incorporate Physical Activity into Your Daily Routine

To achieve heavy weight loss, it is unsafe for you to immediately engage in serious physical activity. You may start some light activity to begin ridding yourself of extra pounds that will begin to show results. You will not notice immediate weight loss but begin to feel the positive effects. As you get comfortable with these, you can start adding more activity to your everyday routine as your body allows.

Work Out While You Relax

You can start incorporating some basic weight training while you have downtime. You can also start arm lifts with your body weight. Simple weight training can help to drop pounds while gaining muscle mass.

Don’t Worry Too Much about Dieting

If you need to lose a few pounds, dieting would be valid plan. But this could have dangerous effects on your health as body needs more calories to provide you a full day’s energy. Figure out a way to shave some calories and try to get nutrients from vegetables and fruits. Also cut back on snacking.

Consider a Commercial Program

There are various weight loss programs in the market today offering multitude of tools to help with heavy weight loss. The smartphone apps to proportioned meals help you count calories and have been successful for a number of overweight people. They have a built-in support system that delivers meals directly to the doorsteps. Other programs allow to shop and cook food you like. With an increase in popularity and effectiveness of the commercial methods they become excellent heavy weight loss options.

Consider the Use of Weight-Loss Medications

You may be among the small percentage of people who do not respond to the traditional weight loss methods. So it is advisable to discussion about your medications such as appetite suppressors, fat blockers with your physician. Using these drugs along with a healthy living plan are effective weight loss options.

Weight-Loss Surgeries

The weight loss surgeries involves performing the physical procedures to restrict intake and consequently decrease the quantity of food which is absorbed.

  • Laparoscopic band method: The most popular procedure in which the band method placed surgically around the stomach. Saline can be added or released to adjust the belt of weight loss which will shrink the physical size of the stomach and the body starts to eat less.
  • Sleeve gastrectomy surgery or gastric bypass surgery: It involves dividing the stomach into two separate sections and connection the small intestine to halves for shrinking effective volume. It does not affect absorption of calories and nutrients in the intestines.

If you are interested to learn more about the types of weight loss surgeries including the sleeve gastrectomy surgery, then contact Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India.

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