Most Effective Ways To Treat Leukemia Cancer

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The most effective ways to treat leukemia cancer has the goal to destroy the leukemia cells and allow the normal cells to form in the bone marrow. The treatment decisions are based on the type of leukemia you have, its stage, your age and your general health.

Treatment for Acute Leukemia

The most effective ways to treat the leukemia cancer option in India have three steps- induction, consolidation and maintenance.

  • Induction Therapy : kills the leukemia cells in the blood and the bone marrow to induce the remission. The treatments include corticosteroids and chemotherapy. Usually, it is done in a hospital and this will lasts for four weeks.
  • Consolidation Therapy : will kill any leukemia cells which are present even though they didn’t show up in tests. If these cells regrow they could cause a relapse. It includes more chemotherapy and stem cell transplant. This step also includes the preventive treatment of the brain or spinal cord with chemotherapy or radiation. Usually it takes several months but doesn’t require staying overnight in the hospital.
  • Maintenance Therapy : will prevent any remaining leukemia cells from growing by using lower doses of chemotherapy than those used during induction or consolidation. Chemotherapy is given with pills and once-a-month IV treatment. Often the maintenance is continued for up to three years but during this time, most people are able to get back to being active as they were before the treatment.
  • Chemotherapy : uses drugs to destroy leukemia cells. Depending on the type of leukemia, either you may receive a single drug or a combination of two or more drugs. You may receive it in several different ways- by mouth, into a vein (IV), or through a catheter (a thin, flexible tube).
  • Targeted Therapy : use drugs to block the growth of leukemia cells.
  • Radiation Therapy : also called radiotherapy uses high-energy rays to kill leukemia cells. This type of therapy takes place five days a week for several weeks. Others may receive radiation that is directed to the whole body. The radiation treatments are given once or twice a day for a few days, usually before a stem cell transplant.
  • Biological Therapy : includes using medications which help the immune system to recognize and attack the leukemia cells.
  • Stem Cell Therapy : is undertaken for replacing a diseased bone marrow with a healthy one. This procedure is preceded by high doses of chemotherapy and radiation for destroying the affected bone marrow followed by infusion of the blood forming stem cells.

When there are no signs of leukemia for five years then a person is considered as cured. In case the leukemia comes back within the first few years or does not go to remission, then treatments may include more chemotherapy or stem cell transplant.


India is considered as the best leukemia cancer treatment destinations. The availability of host of medical options across India for the patients travelling from abroad makes them get the most effective ways to treat leukemia cancer here. Considering the type of leukemia different treatment options for it will be suggested by our leukemia cancer doctor and sometimes a combination of these treatments will be used. The specialist knowledge of our medical talents in India, advanced diagnostic equipments, surgical tools and the commitment to deliver the most effective ways to treat leukemia cancer in India at affordable prices compels the international patients to plan their treatment here. Our hospital offer effective and efficient services. Mail us your medical report and we will revert with the medical opinions from our surgeons and experts.

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