Smile Makeover – Things to Change About Your Smile

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There are many people who often don’t like their smile. They want to change something about the smile to get the desired impact. But the question is, can they succeed? Or, are there options and facilities to make about change to your smile?

Well, yes as cosmetic dentistry has advanced to a great degree in recent times making even impossible things possible. So, get whiter teeth in quick time, or get the teeth straightened and get it a little longer to enhance the value of your smile.

Things to change about your smile

You know that options do exist to change a lot about the smile. You can get a visual lift to the smile or can benefit from the concept of smile makeover. There are many things to change about the smile and you should benefit from that.

Here is a list of things you could change about the smile –

Tooth Shape

Our smile depends a lot on the kind of tooth shape and size we do posse. Most of us however are not blessed enough to have a perfect shape and size to our teeth. We should however not worry a bit as we can get the teeth either shortened or lengthened to achieve the desired level of attractive shape and size. Porcelain veneers or gum reduction is used to getting the shape and size of the teeth to a desired level.

Teeth gaps

Teeth gaps can be caused by many reasons, and one is them is due to either missing of tooth or loss of natural tooth. The gaps thus created dent the glow of the smile big time as also disturbs the alignment of the teeth. In such situations, you can consult a cosmetic dentist and get a smile makeover plan chalked out. The options to fill out the smile in such cases include dental implants, dental bridge or partial denture.

Tooth colour

Teeth with stains look bad. Even discoloured ones take the radiance away from your pearly white gems. Clearly, colour has a role and can mar the value of smile even if your have perfectly aligned teeth. You should however not worry even if the teeth have lost its lustre or shade as the dentist has the solution. You can be advised to go with dental crowns or porcelain veneers or bonding to fight off the harms associated with colour and shade of the teeth.


People often face issues with tooth alignment and lose the lustre of smile. It’s however possible now to get the tooth alignment corrected and restore the real value of the smile. In severe cases of misalignment, the dentist often recommends orthodontic treatment before going for the smile makeover. Braces or veneers are other options when the teeth are not that much misaligned or they just do overlap a bit. This is how cosmetic dentistry has brought the changes to the way we smile.

Face Shape

Our teeth do age and they also wear down by the passing the time. They can even fall out if not cared well and properly. In all these cases, the face shape can alter to take away the charm of smile. And when the face gets altered, it may make one look older. This is where orthodontics helps as gives a boost to our smile makeover endeavour. It helps restore our youthful look by filling the face and cheeks.

In overall, fix a meeting with a top dentist New Hyde Park and enhance the value of your smile. This is how people benefit from the concept of smile makeover and live a confident life.

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