Smoking Statistics Still Shock in 2016 – Infographic

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Even after every shocking study and countless indisputable medical findings about the extremely negative effect smoking tobacco can have on a person’s health, six million people are still dying from diseases with links to tobacco smoke usage every single year.

Unfortunately, those most at risk live in low and middle income countries where access to free education or free smoking cessation services are poor to non-existent. Four out of every five smokers in the world now live in these countries.

Lack of access to education, the internet, or medical staff who can explain the dangers, means that many of these poor people don’t have access to the facts around the damage they are doing to their bodies. For example, a minimum of 250 chemicals contained in tobacco smoke are considered harmful to human health. 50 of them are known carcinogens.

For an illustrated look at the facts around smoking, have a look at this infographic produced by purplebox vapours.


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