Staying Safe in Your Kitchen – Infographic

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Out of all the rooms in your home, your kitchen is most likely to see the greatest volume of activity. With meals being prepared and cooked, dishes being washed after mealtimes and an abundance of potentially harmful appliances, it’s the one part of the home where the most caution needs to be exercised.

A large amount of kitchen fires leading to serious injury or death originate in the kitchen, perhaps from negligent use of cooking equipment, appliances sparking or combustible materials catching flame. Aside from fire hazards, serious accidents can also occur from the use of sharp objects like blenders and steak knives. Add to the mix the possibility of children or pets running about and it’s easy to see why so many household accidents are attributed to the kitchen.

If preparing meals (hot or cold) or using any electrical appliances, always think safety first. Never leave cooking equipment unattended, as even minor distractions can lead to us switching off for long enough to get caught up in an extremely dangerous situation. You need to be equally attentive when handling knives of any kind, as one small slip of the wrist could leave you with a severely bloodied hand.

Pennywell ( created this infographic which lists numerous pointers on how to exercise safety in your kitchen. Ensure to educate your family as to these tips and also practice what you preach!

Staying Safe in the Kitchen – Visual Asset

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