Stem Cell Therapy for Anti-Ageing in India

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Stem Cell Therapy for Anti-Ageing in India

What is Ageing?

Your body replaces the old and worn out cells at all the time. However, the rate of these worn out cells getting replaced decreases as you grow older. Therefore we start looking old and also experience a decrease in energy and sex drive. While there is very little we can do about ageing, but thanks to the advancement in medicine, it is now possible to slow down this process using the stem cells.

The Signs of Ageing

The signs of ageing generally start at 40 and much earlier for smokers who are exposed to the action of the toxic substances. The signs of ageing includes, loss of energy, loss of memory, poor concentration, general fatigue, wrinkles, tiredness, age spots, loss of hair, general aches and pains, insomnia, loss of skin texture, mood swings, reduced sex drive, degenerative diseases, etc.

The Signs of Ageing

Stem Cell Therapy for Anti-Ageing

The anti-ageing treatments using the stem cells involve removing your own stem cells, activating them and giving the cells back to you. Most people are aware that the stem cell therapy aims to restore the tissue and organ function for those patients suffering from chronic diseases or serious injuries. The stem cell therapy has the ability which makes it very efficient anti-ageing treatment by working wonders in renewing and increasing the cell generation. It will help you to look and feel younger by turning back the clock and experiencing the more energetic and younger you.

Our specialists will examine you and your current condition, and fully review your medical history and other information to assess the best results and provide a detailed systematic and entirely unique treatment care plan as per your needs. Research shows that using the stem cells and other treatments may help to slow down the process or reverse it. The stem cell treatment in India provides the unique effect to regenerate and repair all the tissues and organs which were damaged due to stress and toxins which we are exposed to on a daily basis. It will result in increased stamina for daily activities by improving the function of your immune system.

There are several results you can expect after undergoing the stem cell therapy for anti-ageing in India:

  • Look younger by helping to reduce the wrinkles, age spots and skin sagging.
  • Feel younger by reducing tiredness and fatigue and also improve the mental and emotional health and energy.
  • Reduce pains and aches thereby let you enjoy more in life by reducing the aches in stiff joints and the effects of the degenerative diseases.
  • Improved sex life.
  • Reduced fatigue and tiredness.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for Anti-Ageing

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for Anti-Ageing:

The stem cell therapy for anti-ageing in India provides treatments and procedures that rejuvenates your face, body, organs thereby increases the feeling of well-being. It will drastically improve the capacity of physical activities, renal function, hair quality, loss stitch, at all age groups, regardless of gender. Side effects and rejection free since it uses the patient’s own stem cells from their abdomen. Does not require general anesthesia. Avoidance of any allergic and immune reactions since the own cells suit the chromosomal and genetic structure. No risk of contamination by transmissible diseases.Best Stem Cell Treatment Centre

Other benefits includes- Improved capacity for physical activities, Feeling vitality and rejuvenation, Decreased level of haemoglobin, Decrease in certain levels and Decrease in triglyceride levels. Our patients are grateful for the risk free proven results with the assistance of the highly skilled professionals who understand the importance of personalised care, quality and confidence.

Top Stem Cell Therapy for Anti-Ageing India

Complete list of conditions this treatment can help you includes

  • General

    1. Unexplained weight gain or weight loss and fatigue
    2. Loss of stamina
    3. Lethargy
    4. Drowsiness
    5. Weakness
    6. Persistent fever
    7. Chills
    8. Night sweats
    9. Dilated veins
    10. Bleeding from any site
    11. insomnia
  • Skin and Hair

    1. Dry, ichy skin
    2. Rash
    3. Acne
    4. Change in color
    5. Dry scaly skin
    6. Change in nails
    7. Crows feet
    8. Wrinkles
    9. Freckles
    10. Sagging skin
    11. Soften dine lines
    12. Frown lines
    13. Pigmentation
    14. Naso-labial groove
    15. Skins tags
    16. Loss of moisture, shine, glow and elasticity
    17. Sweaty skin
    18. Easy bruising
    19. Hair loss
    20. Scars
    21. Darkening skin
    22. Lifeless skin
    23. Thinning hair on scalp 
  • Eyes

    1. Eye pain
    2. Difficulty in vision
    3. Blurred vision
    4. Double vision
    5. Inflamed eyes
    6. Dry eyes
    7. Discharge
    8. Itchy eyes
    9. Halos or glare
    10. Foreign body sensation
    11. Eye floaters
    12. Burning eyes
  • Sexual function in Men

    1. Loss of stamina
    2. Performance anxiety
    3. Weakness
    4. Lack of desire and sexual arousal
    5. Low sex drive
    6. Problems in orgasm and ejaculation
    7. Premature ejaculation
    8. Erectile dysfunction
    9. Infertility
    10. Painful intercourse
    11. STDs
    12. Sexual phobia
  • Sexual Function in Women

    1. Loss of stamina
    2. Weakness
    3. Performance anxiety
    4. Low sex drive
    5. Lack of desire and sexual arousal
    6. Menstrual problems
    7. Problems in orgasm and ejaculation
    8. Premature ejaculation
    9. Erectile dysfunction
    10. Painful intercourse
    11. Post menopausal discomfort
    12. Painful periods
    13.  Irregular menstrual periods
    14. PCOS
    15. PV Bleeding
    16. Breast pain
    17. Mood swings
    18. Acne and facial hair
    19. Pain and discomfort
    20. Hot flushes
    21. Vaginal dryness
    22. STDs
    23. Sexual phobia

Stem Cell Therapy Treatment Anti-Ageing India

  • Ears

    1. Ringing in ears
    2. Dizziness, vertigo
    3. Loss of hearing
    4. Discharge
    5. Bleeding
  • Allergic

    1. Rashes
    2. Allergies
    3. Frequent infection
    4. Seasonal allergy
  • Endocrine

    1. Heat or cold sensitivity
  • Cardiovascular System

    1. Discomfort
    2. Chest pain
    3. Breathlessness
    4. Bluish fingers or lips
    5. Difficulty in breathing lying down
    6. Palpitation
  • Urinary System

    1. Urgency
    2. Leaking urine
    3. Increase in frequency of urination
    4. Urinary incontinence
    5. Pain or burning
    6. Unable to hold urine
    7. Bed wetting
    8. Discharge
    9. Blood in urine
  • Digestive System

    1. Heartburn
    2. Difficulty in swallowing
    3. Abnormal distress
    4. Indigestion
    5. Nausea
    6. Excessive gas
    7. Vomiting
    8. Tarry stools
    9. Rectal bleeding
    10. Altered bowel movements
    11. Diarrhoea
    12. Constipation
    13. Change in appetite
    14. Haemorrhoids
  •  Nervous System

    1. Fainting
    2. Headaches/migraines
    3. Convulsions or fits
    4. Giddiness
    5. Memory loss
    6. Poor coordination
    7. Dizziness
    8. Unsteady gait
    9. Numbness/tingling
    10. Difficulty in speech

Best Hospital Stem Cell Therapy for Cancer India

  • Throat

    1. Voice change
    2. Soreness
    3. Postnasal drainage
    4. Hoarseness
  •  Nose

    1. Frequent colds
    2. Loss of smell
    3. Excess discharge
    4. Nosebleeds
    5. Obstruction
  • Respiratory System           

    1. Sputum (productive cough
    2. Cough
    3. Wheezing
    4. Loud snoring
    5. Bloody sputum
    6. Palpitations
  •  Musculoskeletal

    1. Weakness of muscles
    2. Muscle cramps
    3. Neck pain
    4. Pain in joints
    5. Back pain
    6. Deformity of joints
    7. Stiffness
  • Mouth

    1. Major dental problems
    2. Sore gums
    3. Bleeding gums
  • Psychiatric

    1. Anxiety
    2. Depression
    3. Stress
    4. Nervousness
    5. Sleeplessness
    6. Irritability
    7. Lack of concentration

stem cell therapy in India with Tour2India4Health

Get your stem cell therapy for anti-ageing in India with Tour2India4Health Consultants. All you need to do is send us your detailed medical history, relevant test reports and we will provide assistance to initiate the formal process of consultation with our doctors. They will ascertain your eligibility to undergo the stem cell therapy. Get in touch with us by filling up our free consultation form on our website.

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