Strong, Lean and Sexy: An Unconventional Approach to Training

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Strong Lean and SexyLet us not take the conventional road towards getting the lean and toned body. There are various regimes you follow. You hit the gym without fail, but still not able to strike the right chord? You are committing some mistakes over and over again. Some of these mistakes are listed below, avoiding them will help you to possess your dream body.

Excess of Cardio

First thing that comes to our mind, when we think of toning body is cardio. But the point is how much cardio is actually required. Mindless and excess amount of cardio will not give positive results rather can be harmful to your body. Cardio is not useful when it comes to toning your body, it is only burning your calories which can also be done through other ways. It helps in reducing the fat from the legs but won’t give you  a sexy look. If you continuously do only cardio you will end up having legs skinny like catwalk models.

Lift Weights

Lifting weights should not be confined to men. It is one area women need to explore and work hard towards. Lifting will help in building your muscles which will eventually give you the desired body that is both sexy and toned. To clear your fears, women think they will turn bulky by lifting weights which is not true. Unless you are taking any pills and needles you will not turn stiff and bulky. Woman’s body does not have the ability to build muscles as men.

Lift Weights the Right way

If you fall under the category of women who are lifting weights then you are probably not doing it the right way. Women are only lifting weights for high reps because they fear of getting heavy and bulky muscles. Lifting has many uses which will show only if you do it other than for high reps. To consider yourself having the best body ever it is important to have certain proportions. For men, the perfect proportions are when their waist to shoulder ratio is 1:1.1.618. This perfect proportion is also called the golden ratio and has set a benchmark for modelling as well as Hollywood industry. For women, the perfect proportions are measured by taking three specific elements in mind they are waist, hip and shoulder. It is important to lift weights but in an intelligent way.

Use the Venus Index Workout System

The Venus Index workout system was created by John Barban, to get the three elements in perfect shape. Only investing time and effort in the gym will not give you the perfect body. It is important to do a smart workout doing different exercises for specific parts of the body. Have a structured plan with a timeline. Set goals and then work towards them Also compare yourself in a span of some days to judge what is working for you and where you need to work hard.

For achieving that ideal body, it is important for every women to be known what kind of body she needs and what kind of body she wants to avoid. This way you will research and be aware of what exercises are best for you. Toning a woman’s body needs a different approach as compared to what a man’s body will require.

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