Tea Tree Oil For Skin Tags: The Complete Guide

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tea-tree-oil-for-skinLet’s Understand Skin Tags

Generally speaking, skin tags are usually harmless flesh-coloured growths of skin that commonly appear on the neck, armpits, eyelids, inner thighs, and groin areas of the skin. Although there are no definite causes for the development of skin tags, some experts believe that they occur due to hormonal changes, obesity, use of specific steroids, and constant friction between skin-to-skin and skin-to-clothing/jewellery.

Tea Tree Oil for Skin Tags?

Tea tree oil aka Melaleuca alternifolia is a native to Australasia, known to offer remarkable benefits to almost all types of skin ailments, including skin tags. It is a colourless essential oil, which is extracted from the leaves of tea trees. The oil certainly has a proven track record for successfully treating skin tags, which is why it is most commonly found in various over-the-counter dermatological products.

How Does Tea Tree Oil Help In Removing Skin Tags?

Since tea tree oil contains superior anti-microbial and antiseptic properties, it becomes an effective option for removing all types of skin tags. Also, it has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties that help in drying out skin tags from the inside. Due to its drying effect, skin tags will, initially, reduce in size, and gradually fall off when the cells in tags are deprived of oxygen and blood.

Furthermore, it is 100% natural, containing no harsh chemicals that are otherwise found in other equally effective oils.

All in all, it is natural, safe, effective, and affordable. So instead of opting for expensive and chemical-based treatments, it is better to rely on tea tree oil for removing skin tags.

Ways of Using Tea Tree Oil For Removing Skin Tags

Tea tree oil can be used independently

  • First and foremost, ensure that the affected area is thoroughly cleaned and sterilized.
  • Then, soak a cotton swab in the oil and apply it on the skin tags.
  • Massage gently in a circular motion for about 4-5 minutes.
  • If you have sensitive or dry skin, then dilute the tea tree oil in water. Apply the diluted tea tree oil on the skin tags.
  • Wash the area and pat the skin dry.
  • Follow this process 3 times a day. 

Tea tree oil with olive oil

  • Mix 2-3 drops of tea tree oil with 1 tablespoon of olive oil.
  • Apply the mixture on the skin tags with the help of a cotton ball.
  • Massage the affected area gently for a minute.
  • Cover the skin tag with a bandage.
  • After a few minutes, remove the bandage.

Tea tree oil with apple cider vinegar and lemon juice

  • Take 4-5 drops of apple cider vinegar, 5 drops of lemon juice and 3 drops of tea tree oil. Mix it well in a bowl.
  • Dip a cotton ball into the mixture and gently place the dipped cotton ball on the affected skin tag.
  • Now cover the ball with a bandage and leave it for a few minutes.
  • Repeat this process twice a day for a week.

How Long Before You Finally See The Results?

The signs of improvement generally begin to appear in 15-20 days, but it depends on the frequency of using tea tree oil and the size of your skin tags. It is advisable to keep using tea tree oil for a month before switching over to other skin tag removal methods.

Some Useful Tips On Using Tea Tree Oil

In order to achieve the desired results from tea tree oil, ensure that you follow these useful tips, always!

  • Dilute the tea tree oil with water or any carrier oil, if you have dry or sensitive skin.
  • While buying tea tree oil, make sure it is 100% natural.
  • It is not recommended to apply tea tree oil on certain sensitive areas such as eyelids, skin surrounding the eyes, and genital areas.
  • Always wash and dry the skin tag affected area with clean water and mild soap before applying tea tree oil on that area.
  • Tea tree oil is also available in the form of creams, sprays and lotions.
  • You can also apply petroleum jelly to your skin around the skin tag in order to protect the skin from undiluted and concentrated tea tree oil.
  • Lastly, and very, very importantly, do not ever ingest the tea tree oil into the body.

The purpose of this article is to guide you only. Check with your doctor for further queries.

About the Author

Harvey Lee is a health and beauty blogger and works with various industry leading health and beauty product brands e.g. Tagband: UK’s leading brand for skin tag removal devices. He has an interest in building the knowledge and self – confidence of people who really want to improve their lives by following proper health guides and staying fit for life.

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