The Story of Coffee with Friends Has Just Gone Viral

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Coffee with Friends

It’s been a long time Coffee has been one of those most popular drinks in the world. Even there is no exact reason to have a cup of Coffee whenever you need it, but when you are gossiping with your friends whether you are at home or at Coffee shop you are going to take a cup or Mug of coffee.

I used to drink a Mug full of Coffee because I think a cup won’t be good enough for me to quench my thirst. There are hundreds of recipes of making Coffee in the world. Among them Espresso and Cappuccino are two most popular blends.

Even I myself prefer the Espresso and Cappuccino one. Specially the cream on top as a layer Ummmmm so tasty. While having the Coffee if you are with your friends that will make an added flavor. Gossiping about some topics while having Coffee it cannot be described in words.

There are some rules or you can say recipe that making Coffee is an art. While making Coffee you to take measurements of couple of things those really do matter. First of all is the temperature of the Coffee. It shouldn’t be very much hot and not to be mild temperature. Then comes the amount of Coffee you are going to add with water.

In most cases specially the Espresso Coffee is prepared by a Coffee making machine in Coffee shops. But at house you have prepare it manually or by hand. The first thing while preparing Coffee at house is pour one and half table spoon of Coffee in the cup and then add some sugar and powder milk and crush them well with a spoon. Then add some hot water in to it maintaining the temperature. Finally you will get a creamy top coffee! It is so simple right? No it is much more complicated cause as I have told earlier there are hundreds of recipes in the world to prepare Coffee.

Even I when I met with my friends whether it is a Coffee shop or at my house. I use to have coffee several times. We pass hour after hour gossiping about media movies and some other topics. It really makes perfect blend with me my friends and the coffee. You know what there some added flavors like Coffee mate are to give the Coffee another taste. Even I use to buy 200 grams of Coffee bottle along with a bottle of Coffee mate, and the most interesting thing is I use to run out of that Coffee bottle within a month because of my friends .Most of the time I use to have it at my home. It really doesn’t matter which country you are from Coffee is the most preferred drink of all time around the world.

Like I have passed 3 to 4 hours with having Coffee while gossiping with my friends at my home. Whenever a you take a look at Coffee shops beside the streets you will find a lot of people are having Coffee at those Coffee shops. It really doesn’t matter how old are they. Just like getting blended my friends with the Coffee.

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