The Ultimate Guide For Gluten-Free Eating 100% – Infographic

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Gluten can be considered as a mixture of proteins which is usually found in wheat and other grains such as barley, oat, rye and their other species, including hybrids. It is often highly regarded for its viscoelastic properties and provides this amazing feature to the dough, enabling it to rise and giving the end product that chewy texture that lets you chew thoughtfully into the roll in your hands for several long minutes.

Allergic Gluten
Gluten is often considered to be a trigger for celiac disease, a lethal autoimmune disorder that affects the small intestine. This is a major public health concern affecting about 0.6% of kids and 0.9% of adults.

How to Recover when Eliminating Gluten Food
Finding or creating a comfortable environment by finding someplace peaceful and wearing loose clothes to prevent the discomfort that might be brought on by the bloating. Additionally, you should also ensure that you get some sleep, fill up on plenty of healthy fluids and remember to eat smart.
More information of gluten you can find in the infographic below make by FortunateKitchen:


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