Think You Are Making Healthy Food Choices?

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Many foods are misleading in how they are advertised to consumers. There are foods out there that are marketed as being ‘healthy’ but the reality is entirely different. For example, the label ‘low-in-fat’ sounds healthy, but often a product that has this label is loaded with added sugar making it far from a healthy option. In order for a low-fat yoghurt to taste good due to the food manufacturers removing the fat from the food (which also removes a lot of the flavour), many food manufacturers add much higher levels of concentrated sugar compared to what you might find in an ordinary ‘non-low-fat’ yoghurt.

Worse still is the way we as consumers react to labels like ‘low-in-fat’. For example, research exists which suggests that when consumers are aware that when a food product is lower in fat, they eat up to 30% more than they normally would. This of course does not contribute to weight loss, but in fact contributes to weight gain. Other offenders to watch out for include; low-calorie cereal bars that often contain as much sugar as a bar of chocolate, high fibre snack bars, gluten-free processed foods, margarine as an alternative to full-fat butter and diet fizzy drinks containing artificial sweeteners such as aspartame which ranks 200 hundred times sweeter than table sugar.


The ‘Diet’ Foods that Don’t Help You to lose Weight

For more insights into ‘diet’ foods that are marketed as helping you to lose weight, but really do more damage than good, have a look at this infographic created by Evoke.


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