Tips For Helping Kids Overwhelm Their Fear Of Dentists

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dentist Forest Ave QueensWho will not feel nauseous being at such a place in this age? But after all this, you have to plan at least 10 trips to the dentist before your child starts a kinder garden as his teeth will start falling apart for new ones to come out. To help ease the pressure and make future visits fun, here are some tips:

  • Starting Younger is A Lot Better

Make your child visit the dentist at a younger age which is actually better. Kids will be familiar with the environment, thanks to frequent visits. This will give your kids a “dental home” like feel where all their needs like natural tooth removals and emergencies will be taken care of. Plan first visit the dentist as soon as your child’s first tooth is visible.

  • Keeping Simple is Good

Whenever planning a visit, especially the first time, try not to speak more or include details more than you should. This way it may lead to the rise of questions, and adding more technical information can result in superfluous anxiety. Carry a positive attitude while discussing details about the upcoming visit but always avoid giving false hopes. Don’t say phrases like “you will be fine” or “you won’t feel any pain”. Because if they go through a treatment, your kids will lose trust from both, you and the dentist.

  • Think Before You Speak

Try making visits exciting and fun instead of alarming and scary by using right words in front of your kids. Avoid using words S (shot), P (pain) or H (hurt). Instead tell your kids that the dentist is looking for “sugar bugs” so that he could find and remove them from your teeth. The most beautiful thing which you can say to your kids is that the dentist is going to check your smile and count your teeth, that’s it!

  • Always Avoid Bribery

Most of the experts do not recommend bribing your kids for behaving well in front of the dentist. Promising a special treat to your children will only result in increase their anxiety. Also, giving hope for sugary item foods emphasizes the wrong message as dentists themselves say no to intake of sugary foods in excess as they lead to cavities and tooth decay.

Facing issues while taking your kid to the dentist Forest Ave Queens for a dental checkup? Above listed tips will surely help you out in making your kid comfortable.


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