Top 10 Medicinal Herbs… And What They Treat

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There are a lot of skeptics who will discourage you from using medicinal herbs. They will tell you that these herbs contain poison and you should not use them. Obviously, not all herbs are medicinal. However, the most popular ones have been used for centuries.

Even before we had the modern drugs that we use right now, these medicinal herbs have already been used by ancient civilization. They have survived a number of diseases because of these herbs. In short, there is nothing wrong in giving them a try.

Ginseng for instance has been used by the Chinese and Koreans for a very long time. They have proven it to be effective in fighting migraine and diabetes. They also feel less stressed out if they use ginseng. Even those with sex related problems find relief with this herb.

Garlic is also another herb that has been used for ages. Ancient Romans and Greeks were known to have used this herb. It can cure inflammation, boost the immune system and soothe allergies. Garlic is already found in a lot of dishes you eat every day. There is no reason to fear garlic as a medicinal herb.

These two are just some of the examples of herbs that can be used to cure various diseases. There may be no guarantee that they are totally effective, but there is nothing wrong in giving them a try. They are cheap and they don’t pose side effects.

The infographic below lists the other herbs for you to choose from. Check the benefits you will get from these herbs and start using them now.

Top 10 Medicinal Herbs... And What They Treat

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