Top 5 Benefits of Choosing Chiropractic Care during Pregnancy

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For every woman, perhaps the most amazing journey in her life is that of pregnancy. However, pregnancy is a phase that can be exhilarating, stressful and can wreck havoc on the body of a soon-to-be mother. During pregnancy, the body goes through fast adaptation to accommodate the new life growing within. Hormonal changes and physiological changes soon affect all areas of the body, exert pressure, discomfort and often pain is felt on the spine and back. This is common, especially in the latter stages of pregnancy. The region that experiences the most amount of stress is the pelvic area and sometimes can be out of alignment once the delivery process is over. For the neck, back, and spine, this is also true.

Many mothers, during, and before pregnancy turn to chiropractic care to alleviate lower back pain or discomfort to ease the process of birthing and correct any form of misalignment that occurs during childbirth.

Why is Chiropractic Care during Pregnancy Important?

As mentioned above, when the body of a woman undergoes many changes in the phase of pregnancy, the pelvic area increases the size of the abdomen, which causes increased curvature of the back and affects the posture.  As the posture changes, this triggers pain in the back and perhaps misalignment of the spine. Such misalignment may soon affect the space the growing fetus requires in the womb. This in return would impede natural delivery, resulting in C-section. Kroll Care chiropractic manipulation would help to ensure that the spine remains in proper alignment throughout the pregnancy phase to ensure the fetus develops and doesn’t interfere with the nervous system.

In general, a healthy spinal cord aligned correctly would ensure the body functions well during the months of pregnancy. Some other important benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy include:

1.     Maintains Good Health during Pregnancy

When the body has a proper alignment, it means that all the organs within will function normally, backache to be precise. Lower back pain is a common complaint of most women during pregnancy. Through chiropractic care, this alleviates pain through planned treatment channels from experts. It helps the body to regain its posture and this means the body will function well again. The mother will be healthy and hence the fetus will develop optimally.

2.     Maintains Pelvic Balance

The most important benefit of pregnancy chiropractic care is the maintenance of pelvic health. Not only does this ensure a backache goes away, but ensure the baby remains in the right position for an easy and safe natural birth. However, if ignored, the misaligned pelvis can lead to other serious complications during childbirth including painful and lengthy labor, inability of the baby to move down the birth canal (forcing a C-section), and breach birth (meaning the baby does not get the right amount of space needed to turn downwards for normal birth).

3.     Eliminates or Reduces the Symptoms of Nausea

Misaligned spine or body has a direct impact on the stomach. If you visit your chiropractor regularly, this will ensure the problem of “morning sickness” (the most dreaded pregnancy symptom) averts or occurs at a minimum rate. Usually, most women who opt for chiropractic care during pregnancy say that the feeling of nausea decreases drastically and sometimes goes away completely.

4.     Ensures Proper Nutrition

Since chiropractic, care is able to minimize the problem of morning sickness and the queasy feeling in the stomach, in return it helps the mother to eat normally. A healthy diet is important during pregnancy and this treatment ensures she gets proper nutrition. It keeps acidity away, keeps the feeling of nausea away and promotes better appetite.

5.     Reduces the Chances of Sudden Mood Swings

During pregnancy, a woman is at the mercy of the hormonal changes that take place in the body. This normally fluctuates throughout pregnancy. In return, this may cause sudden mood swings and leaves a woman drained emotionally. As chiropractic care ensures alignment of the body is perfect, it ensures the production of hormones is less and regulated. It helps to reduce the problem of mood swings significantly and keeps away the symptoms of depression, which is a common experience for most women during this period.

Every woman wants to experience a short and less painful pregnancy phase to ensure safe delivery.  She wants to look forward to having a normal baby, and the best way to ensure this is through utmost care. Regular chiropractic care will ensure a safe birth, safe labor and quick recovery from childbirth. Most studies show that chiropractic care, implemented even from the eighth month onwards can actually reduce the risks of birth breech by about 82%.

In fact, if you visit experienced chiropractic practitioners, they would use the “Webster technique,” which helps to maintain the pelvis, promotes balance and ensures optimal space for the development of the baby.

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