Top 5 Medical Tourism Countries In The World

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Medical tourism is becoming a burgeoning industry with countries in Asia, Europe and South America finding large success with excellent medical care offered to people from other countries. Some people look for care outside their native home due to the cost while other medical tourists are immigrants who return to their home country for care. Most countries offer more than simply medical care as they bundle experience with other comforts such as tourism opportiunities and spa-like amenities.

Medical tourism isn’t limited to America but beyond the borders around the world which seel overseas treatment offering world class medical treatments. The common procedures that medical tourists undergo on medical tourism trips that include dentistry (general, cosmetic and restorative), cosmetic surgery and heart surgery.

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Here are top 5 medical tourism countries in the world:


As per the recent report, the medical tourism market in India will grow to about $4 billion, hence doubling than it was three years ago. Around 250,000 international patients have got their medical treatments in cities like Chennai, Bangalore, New Delhi and Mumbai. One of the reasons for such a strong growth is the number of patients coming from the neighbouring countries that offer less developed healthcare. Patients from Africa, Canada, Middle East and the US find the cost savings very hard to pass up in India.

The most popular treatments in India include cardiac surgery, fertility, oncology and orthopedic and organ transplants.


Most doctors and dentists in Mexico receive part of their training in the US and most of them continue to go to Europe and the US for on-going training. There are many good hospitals in the country that have well trained doctors, offers low price medical treatments thus make it a popular medical tourism destination. Most Mexican towns along the US and Mexico border have dental and medical practices.

Costa Rica

The medical tourism has become one of the big businesses in Costa Rica and people across the globe are realizing the benefits of low cost, high quality medical services. As per WHO, Costa Rica’s healthcare system slightly ranks above the US. The influx of foreigners in Costa Rica been a big incentive for the private hospitals to open and expand their operations. With hundreds of board-certified physicians, dentists and surgeons practising in or near the capital city of San Jose, the health travel has gained strong foothold in this nation. About 15% of the foreign medical tourists come here specifically to take advantage of the medical services especially the dental care and cosmetic surgery.


Brazil is one of the top destinations in the world for people who are looking for a cheap option for the cosmetic surgery. As per the Patients Beyond Borders, about 200,000 foreign travellers went to Brazil for cosmetic procedures. The reason cited for this is extreme cost savings with around 30-50 percent prices than what the American doctors would charge for treatments. For long, Brazil has been known for its Ivo Pitanguy Clinic at Rio de Janerio that has probably performed many cosmetic surgery operations than any other places across the globe.


The beautiful lands of Turkey are a welcoming spot for the US-trained doctors who have helped the country to become one of the most preferred destinations for patients from Europe and the US. Here the top procedures include the cancer, cardiac and the orthopedic care. It has established themselves as a leading place in the world for the eye treatments especially the laser eye surgery. There are several eye centers in the country which is a popular choice for the foreign patients with around 30,000 medical tourists from over 100 countries travelling here.

Bottom line

India tops the list of medical tourism countries in the world. Indian Healthguru is a prominent medical tourism company in India assisting the global patients seeking affordable price medical treatments.

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