Top Sex Positions after Cardiac Surgeries

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Top Sex Positions after Cardiac Surgeries

A heart patient who has just undergone a cardiac surgery will question as to when he or she should resume the sex life? It may sound weird, but no wonder sex is an important aspect of human life, hence it is not unusual to get such questions from the heart patients after their surgeries. So, before such heart patients create another heart problem for the concern of making their sexual life active, it’s time for such people to explore new avenues and styles of getting back their active sex life half. Though you would tread this path slow and steady but the point is you get a start and explore certain sex positions, which suits the best for the heart patients after cardiac surgeries. Let’s explore some of the best sex positions after cardiac surgeries as under:

Sex without Exertion

Sex without Exertion


The very first general tip for heart patients after cardiac surgery is to avoid all the sex positions, which demand loads of exertion. These include the positions involving balancing and crouching or positions that need you to use two or one limb in order to support body weight. Also, you need to avoid all the sex positions, which limit the breathing either due to the fact that they comprise the physical restriction or because they demand you and your body weight over your chest area. After having any cardiac surgery, make sure, you avoid all the sex positions, which demands for lots of contact with your chest as the area would be too tender to bear the weight and hamper the healing process to a great extent.

Consider Woman on Top Positions

Woman on Top Sex Positions

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In the basic positions of woman on the top wherein she is seen sitting upright along with her legs thrown on either of the side of her partner can be okay to consider. In this position both of you all have equal amount of pressure over their chest areas. This can be better in terms of comfort for the partner who has a stroke as he or she would find the breathing simple without any congestion and added amount of comfort that goes on their back. There are many people who assume that this position can be appropriate for partners who experienced a heart attack over the bottom as you find it less expending in terms of energy. However, with some amount of physiological research studies that’s not the case while men at the bottom with blood pressure and heart rate that are same as the same when they were at the top.

Side by Side and Spooning Sex Positions

Spooning Sex Positions

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Lying over your side especially when you are using pillows in order to get the support, it can add a great low impact sex positions. This simply do not allow people to find enough movements while doing having the intercourse, however, this can be a good choice provided you are competent to bear the exertion. Also, you may find a couple of variations, which will help in finding deeper penetration and good amount of movements in this position, which you can easily find with a bit of research on the internet.  Lying over your left side can add a bit of discomfort and tight kind of feeling over your chest area, however, this will vanish if you ensure you are lying over your right side. If you just had the surgery the spooning position is often not recommended as it is simple to avoid things like touching your chest irrespective of which side you go on.


Cardiac surgeries

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These are some of the best sex positions suited for people who just had their heart surgeries. Though these are not hard and fast rules but considered to be as safer options, which can help in resuming your sexual life active. However, the most important element of enjoying and getting back your sexual life is emphatic communication between you two.

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