Want to put on some weight? Follow these 5 guaranteed weight gain tips!

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weight gain tipsIt’s 2017! People that are plump want to focus on how to loss the excess weight. And people that are thin want to put on some healthy weight. Everyone is putting some affords to improve their health and fitness. There are always two sides of a coin. While there are some over-weighted people that are finding several ways to look fit and slim, there might be a lot of individuals that are putting some affords to gain weight using different products and home remedies.

I do not why people find weight gain a very difficult task. It is all about having control on your mind and body, and motivational to stick to the routine. Weight gain is time consuming process so keep your mind calm and have patience. Let’s have a look on several effective tips for gain healthy weight within few days.

  • Diet And Calories

Our daily diet contains some calorie content. So like we focus on consuming fewer calories to lose weight, we need to have some more calories in your diet to gain sufficient weight. An average should consume more than 250 calories in its daily diet, a roughly estimation of half a kilo to your current weight.  

Note:  Pulses, meat, rice, cereals, bread, dry fruits, and nuts are the foods that are rich in calories. Prefer French beans, carrots, broccoli, spinach, Chinese cabbage, lettuce, pumpkins, asparagus, and eggplants. Add olive oil in a decent quantity to your salad. You can also consume dairy products in order to add some calories in your diet. Consuming foods rich in calories will help you to gain and maintain weight.

  • Number Of Meals

Increase the number of meals in a day. It is better to have 6 planned meals than 3 bigger meals in the whole day. In these 6 meals, make sure 3 meals are smaller and rests of the meals are comparatively large. Make sure your dinner, lunch and dinners are rich in calories. Individuals that want to lose weight usually prefer to consume fewer calories at night because calories add weight to the body. Weight gain is exact opposite of weight loss. You have to consume more calories at night to gain weight as your metabolism is inactive when you are sleeping.

Note: In your morning breakfast, you can have a bowl full of cereal, fruits and toasted bread with butter or cheese or peanut butter. In your snacks, you can have fruits, nuts, cheese sandwiches or butter sandwiches. After dinner, you can have deserts. To taste, you can also have cakes, burgers and pizza once in a week because these foods are not healthy.

  • Proteins With Calories

Consuming right amount to calories is important, but adding protein to the diet is extremely beneficial. Proteins are essential for body as they are building blocks of the body. Gaining weight is not about gaining fat, it is about having lean body with healthy muscles. Gaining fat is not a bad thing but you have to focus on gaining healthy fats which helps you to gain strong muscles with lean physical appearance.

Note: you can have foods rich in protein, such as fish, meat, eggs with yellow part, etc.

  1. Consume Healthy Fats

It is always beneficial to consume good fats. They help in growing muscles and increase the production of hormones. They are helpful in accelerating the metabolic rare which helps body to lose unhealthy fat and gain healthy fats. Fats are very crucial for the whole body functioning. There are only two types of healthy fats that are considered to be good for body. First is polyunsaturated and second is monounsaturated. They are obtained by leafy vegetables, nuts, avocados oil, flaxseed oil, and many seeds. Healthy fats are great source of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acid. So, opt healthy ways to gain healthy fats as they play a vital role in weight gain.

  1. Weight Gain Supplements

If it is still difficult for you to gain sufficient amount of weight, then you can also go for various weight supplements available in the market. Several people prefer steroids supplement to gain weight within less amount of time. You will find so many online pharmacies selling injectable steroid cycles for sale available in discounted rates. People also buy oral steroids from these online pharmacies. Make sure you are referring genuine steroids suppliers. Steroids come along with some side effects so make sure you are using them correctly.

The bottom line is…

Weight gaining process is a time consuming process. You have use right ways and invest your time to make them happen. Following the above tips will definitely help you to gain weight without any difficulty. Diet is the best way to gain weight naturally.

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