Ways to Protect Your Teeth Over Christmas

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With Christmas decorations just around the corner and the Christmas songs creeping onto the radio airways, it’d hard not to start preparing for Christmas. Getting your shopping started or making plans for the holidays we always look forward to indulge in all the treats on offer over the Christmas period and take time to relax. This festive period is associated with lots of tasty food and drink which people wouldn’t usually consume at other points in the year. For example the dried fruits, toffees, fruit cake and mince pies can all cause significant damage to the teeth due to the high sugar content and sticky texture. Some of these foods can even contain hard bits which could chip or crack a weak tooth. Hence this time of the year is also the busiest time of the year for dentists.
So if like most people you will be indulging on food and drink this Christmas it is important to take extra care of your oral hygiene to ensure removing all the traces of sticky substances and plaque. With all the sugary treats on offer and the regular snacking including the mince pies, champagne, selection boxes and umpteen bags of sweets our teeth are more vulnerable to develop decay. The indulgences and tempting treats on the Christmas Day and on the Boxing Day indicate that the teeth are going to be in harm’s way for over the 48 hours over this festive period. Remember that the teeth are under attack for around an hour after eating or drinking. If you think about how much is consumed, and how often especially over the Christmas and Boxing Day then your teeth don’t really get the chance to recover. So, here’s presenting ways to protect your teeth over Christmas:
Keep sweet treats to a minimum:
Though we don’t expect you to stay away from the tasty festive treats completely, we just want you to be aware of the amount of sugar in some of your favorite Christmas foods. Consume these in moderation to protect your teeth from decay. Avoid the traditional chocolates, sugary desserts and the mince pies instead indulge in the cheeses and protein-rich foods such as ham and turkey as it will curb your cravings and hunger.
No sugary treats in Christmas stockings:
Instead of the sugary, hard sweets, fill up the children’s stockings with small toys such as a musical toothbrush.
White, not red wine
Red wine stains your teeth so you should opt for the white wine and add some ice and sparkling water to it.
Don’t use your teeth for anything other than eating:
Teeth are not designed to be used as tools, hence using it to tear off labels, open packets, or bottles is never a good idea. This can damage the enamel of the teeth. You can also chip, break or crack your teeth and even pull the whole tooth out by the root. Hence reach for the bottle opener this Christmas!
Never forget to brush
A high percentage of families let the routine slip on Christmas Day. We all know that routine is something which usually goes out the window during the holidays, but try to make sure to brush twice a day, and floss if you can this Christmas! Taking out even two minutes of the morning and evening seems like a chore when all you want to do is open presents. However, remember that this could save you from hours in the dentist chair.
Bottom line
Christmas being a time to take lots of family photos could be worrying the adults who are unhappy with their teeth and try hiding their smile. If this is you then give yourself a boost of confidence this Christmas and have your teeth treated- straightened, whitened, or having dental implants in India fitted to transform your life for the better. All being well your smile should be brighter than ever in New Year!

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