Will We See the Back of Back Pain?

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Back pain seems to be a serious problem for a lot of people. When you consider that Americans spend over $50 billion a year on back pain treatments; it’s clear that something is up. This infographic from Hussey Fraser takes you through where we are in terms of treatments to stop back pain.

All types of people get back pain but many people will first notice it between the ages of 30-40. Many people will have a job that can cause back pain as if you sit in an unnatural position at your desk all day; it puts pressure on your back.

It is important to realise the differences between acute and chronic back pain. Acute can often be caused by a sports injury or a fall and will generally last less than 6 weeks. Chronic back pain is far more serious and might not go away unless action is taken. Check out the infographic for more information on possible solutions to back pain.


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